Sunday, May 17, 2009

21 Nov 2006 - Pinos Walk

Penos is a small village about about 10 miles from Jalon. Getting there involves a lovely drive along a winding mountain road. There is not a lot to see in Penos, but it is the starting point of many excellent walks, and has a nice bar to retire to at the end.

You are spoilt for choice for the best spots to stop for a short break, always popular with the Monday Club who regard a walk as something to enjoy rather than something to finish as quickly as possible.

We always have lunch at this spot, with its lovely views over the valley towards the sea. It is also about half way, and just before we head down into the valley.

Jan during the picnic lunch stop. The range in the background is the unmistakeable outline of the Bernia mountains.

Like most Monday Club walks, this one is about 9-10 miles and takes about five hours - plus half an hour at the bar at the end of the walk.

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