Monday, May 18, 2009

28 Nov 2006 - Benimeli Walk

Benemeli is about 8 miles from Parcent, quite close to Sagra. It is overlooked by a mountain with aerials, so we call this the "Benemeli aerials walk".

The walk starts with quite a steep climb to a plateau with some old buildings (fincas) just below the final steep climb to the top. Jan and Barry have a well deserved break before we make the final climb.

There is a fantastic view from this plateau over the Jalon and Orba valleys, and also towards Benechembla and the "Green Horse" on the right of the photo.

At the top of the steep climb is a car park and a picnic site with a viewing platform. It always seems very unfair that others can just drive up, when we have to climb the mountain foot by foot. But I must admit it always makes me feel quite superior when we stagger in all hot and sweaty. And I think that they always look a little shame faced - but perhaps that is just wishful thinking.

Our climbing is not yet finished. We have a very steep concrete road up to the aerials themselves. Then a lovely summit walk to the far end of the mountain where we have our picnic lunch. With lovely views of the coast, Montgo and Denia.

After lunch its downhill all the way. About a mile on the road which leads to the picnic site and the aerials. Then we leave the road and walk around the back of the mountain we have just climbed. Finally downhill on a difficult track back to Benemeli, the cars and a well deserved beer in the town square.

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