Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 Dec 2006 - Smugglers Bay

Hard to believe this photograph was taken at the beginning of December! Not to difficult to understand the advantages of living in Spain rather than UK.

The walk started at Combre del Sol and followed the coastline around to a lovely little cove called Summlers Bay.

Very hot day, and this unusual bit of shade was very welcome, as Barry takes a much needed drink of water.

I wonder how much the owner pays for insurance. The views must be very impressive, but I would not like to go to bed with this image in my mind.

Its a very steep climb down to the Bay, and some of the walkers remained at the top to avoid climbing the steep stone steps again on the way back.

The Bay was deserted and we had it all to ourselves. Not too surprising when you consider how far we had to walk to get there. Certainly no obvious road suitable for wheeled traffic. These buildings were very run down and did not appear to be in use any longer.

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